Company Secretarial Services

With the recent introduction of the Company Law Enforcement Act, along with various pieces of legislation pertaining to the operation of companies, now more than ever company directors need to be fully aware of their responsibilities and be fully compliant with all the various regulations.

The consequences of breaching company law may include damage to reputation among business contacts and having the case dealt with in the circuit court with all its related legal costs.

Our company secretarial service can assist company directors with all aspects of their company secretarial responsibilities. Clients regularly outsource their company secretarial filing obligations to us as they know that we will meet these obligations on a timely basis.

Company Secretarial Consulting

The legal structure of a business is often the last issue to be addressed when devising business plans. A number of years later, however, problems may arise in the form of significant tax liabilities, onerous filing obligations or restrictions in relation to the making of distributions.

Understanding that forward planning on this issue may avoid untold problems further down the road, we provide clients with a broad range of consultancy services in this area.