Human Resource Support services

Finding and retaining the right people is vital to any organisation's success. We are able to provide professional advice on personnel matters and procedures to help you find, reward and motivate the people you need.

The issues that face some of our clients and that need to be addressed by all employers include: 

• Job specifications are poorly defined and staff are not clear of their duties resulting in low morale and low performance 
• Problems with underperforming staff are left to ferment 
• Running a "tight ship" may mean staff are overworked and may loose motivation 
• Absenteeism and "malingering" - are employees a problem or is it evidence of a deeper company wide malaise?

Our service includes: 

• A practical approach to recruiting and managing staff 
• Assistance with staff mentoring and appraisal 
• Outsourced payroll processing 
• Salary and benefits planning 
• Pensions and life assurance